Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Week

Samuel is still fighting some kind of illness that is effecting him on many fronts. It started as congestion with cold-like symptoms and basically went into respiratory distress all at the same time. This was thought to be croup without the normal associated cough and would transition during the morning to easier breathing only to get far worse in afternoon to night. Then Sam became limp, weak and miserable. He stopped tolerating feeds and started exhibiting pain in his gut and a huge amount of gas in his tummy. He already has a slow moving digestion but I think it slowed down far more.

Today before we went in to see the pediatrician, I had tried the first milk feeding since doing all pedialyte for the past 24 hours... well we went to place him on the counter to be measured and weighed and the gas in his tummy caused so much pressure his g tube popped out all on its own. Ahh.. I can never get comfortable seeing that happen but at least I know what to do and I started moving rather fast at replacing it. I think the nurse was as suprised as I was. So his belly is overly full of gas.. not much room for food. Then a new problem appeared during the exam. She saw a double ear infection to top it all off.

So we are doing antibiotics and sticking with slow pedialyte and using the oxygen as needed. She suggested she could put Sam back in the hospital but I told her anything would be better than that which led to my breaking down and asking the Dr. if we could get the nursing help which in the past has been questionable for if we could get insurance to pay for it. I think she realized how exhausted and spread thin we are right now and she put me in touch with a service who is sending out their nurse and a director tomorrow to discuss 24 hour nursing or night nursing. Sacred Heart is doing the referrals as we were there not long ago. The woman freaked me a little when she suggested that insurance would pay for Sam to go live in a care facility in Plantation 6 hours away and that we could take the girls there to vacation and see him if I was interested in that option...WHAT?? - NO! That was all I could muster. I can not imagine a scenerio where our son would go live in a far away hospital. Home nursing is going to be enough.

1 Little 2 Little 3 Little Indians.. 1 Little Indian Girl..
Sofia had her Thanksgiving program today. Nana and Jason were able to be there to see her. Our cute little indian apparently sang her lungs out. The girls are very excited about the upcoming family feast. I am just excited about being home all together as a family for the holidays. I am setting aside all the worries this week to try to focus on them. I hope the nursing can help us to regain some kind of normalcy around here as it has basically been our lives shuffling around Sam and the cracks are starting to show. Everyone on Jason's side is coming to our house for the dinner. My mom is planning to see us over the weekend for some tree decorating, chili and football..Yay! I can't ask for more than that.. all in one weekend. I hope Sam will get better on the antibiotics and get back on some milk soon. I want him to get to enjoy his first Thanksgiving with the family. My prayers for tonight are for all those families that will be apart on Thanksgiving, and for the families that have just lost loved ones.

Bella's Soccer Gang.. We will miss those Saturdays!

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