Saturday, January 8, 2011

Trip botched by winter weather

After much prep and ado about this trip to Atlanta..I got a call this morning from the pilot to tell me we should not fly in this type of weather..snow and ice is on the way and it would be an extremely rocky flight. Of course the nurse had already left her house an hour away to come here and I hate that she went to trouble of packing etc..such a let down too not to be able to have this appt and gain some real info on what we have needed to understand for the last 9 months. To make things more complicated..this Dr charges $250 for cancellations. I am hoping they make an exception due to the weather situation as they say all of Atlanta will likely close up shop. SO..we will try again when weather is better. Thank you to those who prayed for the safe trip. I have another friend and their family traveling this weekend up to Birmingham and I hope they are safe during this rough weather forecasted for tomorrow. I sure wish the girls got to see some snow though. If it were not supposed to be soo unsafe I would say I wish we could try to make it by car..although that may be a triple risky measure all around. :) Many prayers for all out driving tomorrow on roads that not usually covered in snow and ice.

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  1. So sorry your trip was cancelled and you have to wait longer for answers (((Hugs)))