Sunday, August 29, 2010

Making strides..

Samuel continues to work hard and strive to grow stronger each day.
He rolled over from tummy to back twice on thursday during his PT!!

Samuel has been very busy with his therapy and lots of tummy time. Having the extra moniter on now has made that more tricky as it often gets in the way. I have continued to try to get him drinking some water orally with techniques from his speech therapy. Here is a picture of him working with his therapist on some water by syringe. He has become far less adversive and has a multi swallow but not really coordinating with a suck reflex so I am beginning to think we may be bypassing the bottle and going straight to cup.

One thing I am quickly realizing about myself lately is that I am finding it increasingly harder to concentrate on the normal daily stuff..I am just so deeply engrossed in Sam's daily needs and steps. I stay up late at night either worrying about if he is resting ok or I am online researching more related health articles etc.. Then during the day it seems far more important to bond with Sam and try to make whatever progress we can during his wake periods than to be doing stuff that is piling up on my to do list.. I blink and the days are flying by..I can't even remember the opposite feeling of watching a clock bored..well then again when do you ever have extra time once you have multiple kids? I am trying to squeeze in enough time with Bella one on one as well as she is in that Kindergarten learning to read mode and is actually eager to work on it together.
I can't believe how old he is because I feel like we were deprived of so much in those early months and I want to make it back up now but real life with 3 kids is already demanding as it is... no time to go back. Here are pics of Sam and the girls today. The girls put on puppet shows and entertained Sam. It was not our most productive day but it was a proper and much needed day of rest. 

Thank you Lord for the love among these siblings and for good family times
that lighten the weight of our worries for Sam. He is making such amazing strides to grow stronger and we just have to encourage him and have faith that he would not have had to go through this if
not to make us all better and stronger. 

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