Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

It is hot, hot, hot today and we are staying inside. Isabella is off at school all day. Sam and Sofie are having some down time which is good as I am a zombie from too little sleep. Sam was fussy from teething issues all night which I think is doubly frustrating because of the increase in saliva matched with his swallowing lag. He had physical therapy this morning and is working on "righting" himself on the big ball. It is alot of work and about half an hour into it he tired. He is bulking up and getting stronger every day though. I took photos this morning while kids were feeling playful. Sam shot me some of his disgruntled looks as well which are almost as fun to capture. I am waiting to hear from his pediatrician about the referral paperwork sent over by the neurologist to be forwarded to the we can do a cardio followup locally. What a mess dealing with referrals and insurance mumbo jumbo.. I have a ton of house stuff to problem I have had is feeling comfortable buzzing about to do my normal house routine without keeping sammy right with me and I spoke about that with his therapist this morning. I have had my concerns about if he is really strong enough in the bjorn..but with the head support up I think it actually will be good for him..push him a bit to work those muscles because on tummy time it is tooo easy for him to just lay his head down and sleep..maybe in the front carrier he will be forced to work more on holding it. I look forward to the weekend..we have not done much sleeping this week but usually it goes better on the weekend. Here is a picture of Sam playing and trying to play with his feeding tube.

Playing with his feeding tube.

Happy Sammy

Being silly..

sweet toes..

Sofia was full of giggles..

Talking to mommy..

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