Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Forces of Nature

Tonight our area braced in anticipation of a night forcasted for snow.. or at least some "freezing rain". We are such Floridians here... huddled under our blankets and wondering at how people up north ever survive the winter. Though not snow or sleet, we brave other elements.

Winter weather always brings me down. It seems like the cold and damp can permeate even the deepest corners of the mind. I am so thankful that a good cuddle on the coach with my baby boys, a good book and some hot chocolate can do wonders for a case of the winter doldrums.

We can hardly control the forces of nature. There are days when it feels like the forecast will shut us down, close our doors and snuff out the flame that was keeping us warm. I had one of those days today but as Sofie and Bella often are heard singing in our playroom from their favorite movie, Annie.. The sun will come out tomorrow.

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