Saturday, January 11, 2014

Fighting a Bug

Sam has been fighting a bad stomach bug this week. Thankfully he has teetered through it without a total crash and I expect in a few days he will be back to his usual self. My biggest concern was over the fact that he just had the cardiac procedures and implanted devices which I know can put him at some additional risk of endocarditus and other concerns. As for these illnesses, we have really learned so much about managing his fluids and keeping on top of his oxygen needs. We have worked to keep him on his pedialyte even when he could not tolerate his formula. As we approached the end of the week, his sister Sofie got wind of the bug and then passed it on to Max as well. So, that has meant lots of fun around here for us all.

This week we also welcomed a few new nurses, so those adjustments while dealing with the bug have been a little tricky, but they seem to be adjusting well. We said good bye to a nurse we have had for over 2 years as she found a job in a clinical setting. She has watched Sam grow from infant to boy and has been a part of all the work he has done overcoming difficult challenges. She has actively helped rescue him from crisis and been there for him emotionally during many painful days. Sammy will miss his Miss 'tina as he calls Nurse Cristina.

School is back in session now and I am busy working full time at the house. I have really enjoyed diving into this new chapter with a new company and I wish this was not a temporary post. I have found I almost never leave the house though. So, I will have to find reasons to break away and get out a bit. There is just always plenty of work to keep me tied to the desk or else caring for the kids. From the messages and emails, I think people are beginning to wonder about whether I fell down a dark well! I really do need to make an effort to get out more for fresh air and some down time with friends. For now, I am just thankful for the work and in light of this recent bug, I am thankful Sam has avoided another hospitalization.

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