Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Back in the joint...

That's right..here we go again..of course I knew we would end up back in the ICU eventually but I was hoping not again in 2010..never a dull moment. He became sick this weekend and we could not get him to tolerate food so we kept trying pedialyte but it would make him writhe and scream out in pain. We began to worry about dehydration and his bradys were happening so much more frequently that I had him on o2 more often than off it.                  So we  we finally reached a point last night where it felt unsafe to stay at home any longer..and after 3 days of no sleep I could not figure out whether it was safe to try to drive us the hour to the childrens hospital or go to local ER and be transported..can you guess which one I went with?  Did I mention..no sleep in 3 days..well needless to say it was the scariest drive ever at midnight on dark interstate with  Sam struggling in the back and periodically tummy emptying into his open syringe venting his tummy..yucky horrible drive but thank you Lord for guardian angels as my good friend Jen helped me immensely with her calming advice and directional aid as my phones GPS would have dumped us out in the red light district..yes..in all my no sleep frantic momma wisdom i took the road less traveled by..and it almost made all the difference. yikes...                                                                                                                            So we made it here and found out my Dr had set up  a direct admission to ICU which was a saving grace and then we had to do that agonizing history run through  all though the attending knows sam well and has cared for us since birth..then the most miraculous thing  happened...sam went to sleep..nov bradys..no agony and less struggle breathing..of course sating at 100..they must think i am loosing it..no..the nurse says clearly going NPO and stopping all trys at tummy feeding must have made the difference but now he has risen and still no episodes of bradycardia but he is junky..he is getting iv fluids and so hopefully after that goes in he will get stronger so we can go home soon..they said no viruses showed on the labs and yet..he cant seem to handle anything in his tummy without total crashing failure to breathing..heart rate..etc..for now we will just wait and seee..they said they may ultrasound his liveer..one more test..praying for girls and jason to stay the course at home with little upset..sure it was another shock to them that i am gone..hate that they always have to find out i have left after waking up. if my grammer is amess it is because i am doing blo on cell phone..hate tiny buttonss..signing off for now.

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