Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What to make of this news..

Some very interesting news to share...not sure what to make of it or how it could even be accurate but.. Samuel had his exit Battelle assessment from the birth to three intervention program (his entrance assessments at 2 months putting him into pretty negative territory) as he is now 33 months and approaching the time when they transition a child into an IEP with the school system if they will need further prep to get them ready for Kindergarten due to their disabilities etc.. well I have to brag on my Samuel..our baby boy who had brain scans from birth showing encephelopathy and has had to fight through 17 hospitalizations, surgeries and more life threatening events than anyone I have ever met.. has just scored waaaaay higher than expected on his developmental testing and is coming out at an adjusted developmental age of a 48-57 month old on many parts. This is hard to believe for us since there are soo many things he struggles with physically, verbally and with feeding.. but apparently he is ahead cognitively, socially and receptively at this point. None of this should suprise me because he has just amazed us in the changes we have witnessed over the last year and rather in the last 3 months. Although I expect he will continue to require more therapy and as much effort as we can make in working past his challenges and although I know this score may actually make it harder to ensure he gets the help he needs, I am overjoyed that this assessment indicates he is doing so well. He only walked a year ago and now he is starting to run. Run Samuel Run!


  1. That's a great update! I'm happy to hear it. :-) Go, Samuel, Go!

  2. Amanda,

    I hit the delete button on your comment instead of publish! Thank younfornyour kind words and prayers!