Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The end of Summer is upon us...

I feel both excitement and sadness at these last days of summer..

We have made so many good memories. At the beginning of the summer we created a list of all that the girls hoped to do over their summer and although we could not cram every last one of those activities into these few short months, we made a pretty good stab at it.


...went on nature walks.

...sunbathed and swam in the pool.

...curled up with good books together.

...had fun game and movie nights.

...played in Yamma and Papi's yard.

...had our first sleepovers both here and away.

...went boating.. many times.

...went to a few movies and even ate dinner in a theater.

...watched fireworks.

...had BBQs with family.

...went to the beach.. and then realized we took so much of the beach home with us each time that we might as well stay home and swim in our pool (without all the sand)!

...gardened with Nana.

...enjoyed visiting family.

...made special art projects.

...went to the playground for a picnic.

...went to the water park with cousins.

...tried paddleboarding.

...attended two different vacation bible schools. Both wonderful experiences.

...went to our favorite library.

...enjoyed a girlie spa day.. at home.

...went to Orlando as a family. Twice.

...played in the rain.

...made dinner for daddy and sometimes just ordered chinese :).

...attended birthdays and tea parties.

Overall, it was a very special summer. I am not really ready for the girls to leave on that school bus, but at least this year, they will go to the same school together. It will be different with just the boys here. And so we begin a new chapter..

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