Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Abundant Harvest

October has been overflowing with activity. After Sam's appointments in Atlanta, we made it home just in time to attend a little boy's first birthday party. This was Sam's first playdate, actually. It was my friend's son who was turning 1 and everything was done in a rubber duckie theme. It was nice that there were not tons of children at this friends and family party, as Sam was wide-eyed and overwhelmed just watching the kids playing around the room. It was so nice to see him interacting with children closer to his own age. (rare for us as we are so careful about exposing him to illness or stress.)

It was such a fun party! His mom had planned out every tiny duckie detail right down to a live duck encounter on the back porch. Although it was hard for me to digest how much smaller and less developed Sam is than most of these children (and most were at least 6-9 months younger), I realized how much of his behaviors are also the same. He loved watching the duck and could not get enough of the bubbles flying through the air. He was excited about trying out other types of toys. He was incredibly tired after the party, but overall this was an experience I will not forget. It helped break the ice for me to start planning more playdates in the future. He can learn alot from peers his own age and I think he had a really great time.

The next big part to our October month was a high risk appointment for me with the perinatalogist in Pensacola. They do show that there is some fluid in the kidneys and it is considered hydronephrosis but apparently this is the most common abnormality for an ultrasound to show and it usually remedies itself before delivery, especially with boys. They were not overly concerned. There are cases of it being a sign of something more concerning that might require surgery or indicate a larger problem but they have said this does not seem likely in my case. SO.. for now we wait and watch. He is otherwise looking great on the ultrasounds and moving alot.

Not fully knowing the origin of things for Sammy makes it hard to know anything for worrying about this baby. I hope the fluid in the kidneys turns out to be nothing and I know it was made all the more concerning to me just because of what we have experienced with Samuel. The next decision will have to be about whether we feel comfortable delivering here locally, knowing how we feel about the NICU's decision-making on Sam's case. I think it will come down to whether we see other signs or reasons to believe this baby could have a difficult delivery. For now things are going fine.

In the last couple weeks, Sofie had an ear infection and Sam fought some kind of illness all his own... but he got through it. He has had a few more brady events than usual but overall he has done well. We are noticing much more sleeping in a 24 hour period and I am not sure whether to attribute that to the efforts we are making on so many developmental levels or if it is something new. His nurse thinks we need another sleep study as we have been advises many times in the past. They can't do it locally so I guess I have put it off out of inconvenience but apparently one day she was watching his heart rates and sats closer than usual following a few events, when she noticed a trend of oxygen saturation drops and rises in his sleep. The mito Drs wanted us to change our 02 protocol to delivering aid if he is below 95% whereas we had used 91% before. The problem is that he tends to fight the cannula dropping his sats more in the process out of anger so, is it really worthwhile? This is something we need to consider.

I will have to post about Halloween in another post as it is getting rather late, but I do want to share some cute pictures of the kids at the local pumpkin patch choosing out their pumpkins. Sam slept all day in prep for this hour long activity and was left quite exhausted, ruining his Physical Therapy session later that day, but it was so wonderful to watch my kiddos enjoying the beautiful cool fall weather surrounding this abundant harvest of pumpkins. A year ago I would never have believed Sam would have been able to sit and stand amongst all the pumpkins. Thank you, Lord for this day.

This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24

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