Sunday, October 9, 2011

Prayers ..

Over the last 6 months, Samuel and our family have been blessed with the care and nurturing of several very loving nurses. One of our day nurses had to take time off last month after her husband deployed and but we have stayed in touch. She became like family to us and we miss her terribly. I just found out that this week she and her family have experienced a tremendous traumatic pain and loss. While visiting here, her sweet 22 year old sister suffered a massive brain hemmorage and stroke, was sent home from 2 local ERs when they could not detect the answers for why she had a major seizure and required CPR. She left on medication but continued to experience neurological symptoms and go into serious decline leading to her current state in a coma on life support at yet a 3rd hospital with no expectation that she will recover. I am sick with worry for this family. They are on my mind and in my prayers.. More than prayer I feel paralyzed on how to help from here as they are now in a hospital ICU several states away. I can only hope they will bring our nurse's husband home from deployment so she is not so alone right now. Please hold her up and her family with your prayers. I am praying for peace and strength as they process some very serious medical decisions. It is so impossible to understand such a horrible end to a beautiful young girl's life. God holds those answers and I know he has a plan for helping this family with coping through this horrible tragedy.

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  1. praying for the nurse and her family!
    my thoughts and prayers are with your family as well!