Saturday, August 13, 2011


After returning home from Atlanta, I began to prepare for the upcoming first prenatal apppintment with our new Obgyn. This pregnancy has made me face many not so easily buried and painful memories of Sam's complicated pregnancy and delivery and I am having to let go of those fears and realize that this is all in God's hands. All I can do is what I have always done.. give this unborn baby the best environment and prayer and love that I have. I must also rest my trust with medical professionals, which is a tough subject since I struggle with how things were handled the last time.

I had a 1:30 appt and after a long, nervous wait, I went into the ultrasound room at 3:15. Jason surprised me by showing up, but had to leave a few minutes prior to the ultrasound as it was just too long a wait. I went in expecting to see a little 11 week old fetus with arms and legs.. a tiny little thing..the usual early ultrasound picture. Instead..

..this fully formed, larger than 11 weeks baby appeared and soon after the tech explained that I was most certainly closer to 16 weeks by her estimation. It was moments after this that I realized the sex of our baby.. there was little doubt and the tech confirmed..we are having a baby boy! This shot is from below the bottom and makes the sex pretty clear..

SO.. our family will be a better balance with 3 girls and 3 boys total (Jason and I included). Our family will be complete and balanced. The baby is looking good and we now understand why I was showing so much.. so early! The due date is January 27th and I will most likely have to have him by scheduled C section, as that will be the safe way to go following a recent C section. They won't perform VBACs here even if we wanted to risk it.

The appt went well, but was long as of course our Dr. had to get filled in on alot of Sammy's history and I had many questions myself. I feel really good about this doctor and I will not hesitate to see the high risk if anything seems concerning. For now, I am just praying for a healthy, uneventful pregnancy.

Sam is doing well this week, although doing alot of sleeping. He met his new physical therapist and will begin those sessions soon. Although I was sad to lose our longtime PT Miss P, I think Miss Q will be just fine. She was quite surprised by all he is doing now and is seemingly in my corner on the issue of whether we need a stander piece of equipment to get him vertical.. not so necessary now as he is showing off such wonderful new abilities! She did say we may need the aid of a reverse walker or similar equipment to make that next step towards walking. I am just so overwhelmed with joy at his new crawling, sitting and pulling to a stand skills! She said his transitions are phenomenal and although there are general weakness issues, we can build forward from here.

The only other new curious symptom is an eyelid swelling issue. Sam's eyes have always been a sign of something ominous! He gets pink eye with every ear infection and his eyes can be very telling about other issues, glassy and rimmed red when he is reaching his limit of physical activity etc. I can tell with one glance if he is reaching an exhaustion crash. The new symptom appeared Wednesday morning when his right eyelid plumped up big and swollen. It seemed like it was full of fluid and it was warm to the touch. I did not jump to take him in as the white area in the eye looked ok and I hated to head back when we were just there on tuesday. He did not want us to touch it and was quite defensive. We watched it all day and it seemed a little better by nightfall but had a slight worsening the next morning. That night it was almost entirely gone and so I figured we were done with the issue. The night nurse probably thought I was loony telling him to watch for it, since it was no longer there. However, the next morning it appeared in the left eye and this time his eye was almost swollen entirely shut. I was now more concerned again. But in Sam's usual odd fashion, the eye seems much improved tonight... so we will keep an "eye" on it for another day or so. Hopefully it is just an allergy and not some weird virus or cellulitus. Fun stuff. For now, I need a little shut eye myself..

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